Maria Eftychi is an architect living and working in Cyprus. Apart from architecture she explores different extensions of design to create useful and desirable objects which form our lifestyle and culture.  Design_m.e jewels is a means of personal expression  and style, in which she uses unusual materials (paper, leather, cork etc.) to suceed in pleasantly surprizing qualities in  the texture and  the color fusions of her jewels. Design_m.e. jewels are made of paper of various  kinds,  from  high  quality handmade  paper to common  paper  we use  in  our  everyday  life, depending  on inspiration and  design. Paper is carefully selected, cut into hundreds of pieces and assembled by hand to create original jewellery designs, a surprising transformation of a consumable material into objects of elegance and style .


The possibilities of paper in combination to other materials are endless and the creative journey just started!!sPaper is all around us, and Design_me takes up this challenge to transform it in items of value and personal style. Stay tuned to see what we will be preparing for you and don 't hesitate to contribute with your ideas and concepts.

Our Vision

Design_m.e. started as a creative experimentation on recycling paper of everyday life and expands continually through  different techniques and research around special qualities of paper and finishings. With a deep knowledge in design through the practice of architecture, jewellery design comes as a free experimental expression of personal ideas and explorations. Design_m.e. jewels are handcrafted through hours of cutting selecting and assembling, taking care of all the details that define an elegant piece of  jewel. 

Our Story