The design_m.e. collections


Design_m.e. jewels are availiable in a series of styles depending on the techniques used. What is always important is to take advantage of the properties of the material in order to create unique pieces that are possible only through the use of paper and other similar materials. Under this frame apart from general colourful styles, there are different series developed according to the techniques  and textures each time.


DEGRADE series, take advantage of the very high resolution that the paper can provide in order to create elegant pieces with degraded colors. The result is elegant timeless pieces with degraded fusion of different colors. Choose your combination and style for you customized piece from the degraded series.
TWIST series are based on the possibilities that paper offers when each piece is folded and kept in a distance from each other. TWIST series jewels are usually statement pieces and are made of carefully selected paper and a special fixation to protect them from moisture.
LIGHT series dare to reveal the charming fragility of the paper resulting to very feminine pieces of various colors and textures. The small size of the paper and the special fixation they have guarantee that their fragility remains a charming characteristic without being easily destroyed.
FOLD series are bold pieces with thousands of paper pieces folded and pressed together in elegant combinations of colors. Their fold gives a unique texture to the pieces of this series depending on the perspective you see it here.
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