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Degrade Line gets awarded in 'A Design Awards

Degrade Line, merges DEGRADE and FOLD, two of the existing collections of Design m.e jewelry. It encapsulates simplicity, elegance, color delight, and a unique texture.


Taking the decision to attend a competition is often a vulnerable process. You put your brand among thousands of others, new and established ones. The competition was a well structured deadline though to develop certain details of the jewelry, like the finishing, the usability,  the overall craft etc.  Those details have been evolving since the beginning, as new designs are incorporated.


The Degrade Line together with the rest of the winning designs will be exhibited in Italy, in Ex-Chiesa di San Francesco from the 9th of June (Thursday) until the 28th (Tuesday), 2016. Ex-Chiesa di San Francesco is located at Viale Lorenzo Spallino, Como / Italy. If you are around visit the exhibition to enjoy a good inspiration of design from various categories. You can always find them online here.  Meanwhile you can have a look at the collections that led to the creation of Degrade Lines.


Degrade Line necklace is a colorful line around your neck and that is the power of its concept.