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 Starting to work paper as the main material for creating jewelry, I was specially attracted by the ability of a thin surface to build up layer by layer becoming a solid object, like a book, page by page tells us its story. It wasn't long after the starting point that I knew that this technique was suitable to tell stories of color.  

The color palette of Monet is fascinating in every aspect even after so many years. The juxtaposition of light-dark colors, and the way he overlays warm-cold tones repeatedly, it is said to encapsulate a contradiction, the aim to preserve in permanent form, the passing moment. Monet worked his impressions as abstract complexes of color. His subjects represent not themselves but different color zones to explore color.
These zones became the color context for every piece of this collection.

Each piece has at least 12 different color tones from selected paintings of different periods of his work. The paper was selected from a variety of recycled and/or other high quality paper, based on its color and its thickness. After being cut and passed through the thread to create the solid lines that constitute each piece, the final product was processed manually to become smooth. This process blends slightly the colors together giving often a foggy effect to the color merge. The final varnish protects the pieces from humidity and keeps the color from fading away.

I hope you will enjoy wearing this collection, as much as I did to create it and that you would revisit the work of this iconic artist that inspired this collection